Chairman’s Desk


Dr. Ramlakhan Gupta

I am immensely pleased to place on record that Central India Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (CIIMHANS) has become almamater and a fine destination for the distressed patients and families of Central India, gradually leaping towards pan India.

Success starts with a thought or an idea when nourished with hope and confidence, that idea sprouts, blossoms and leads to action with knowledge. Central India Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (CIIMHANS) is a creation to provide quality treatment which amplifies the strength and power to the society with the latest developments in the Mental Health Arena.

We are all set to take the mission of imparting world class professional training to the aspiring mental health professionals, a new state of the art institution as an addendum to the existing infrastructure so as to fortify them contribute their best to the society and the country. Central India

Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (CIIMHANS)takes keen interest in updating its infrastructure which guarantee an ambience that provides the best possible treatment to the needy section of the society and also to stimulate intellectual thinking and academic interaction of the grooming professionals to meet the technological revolution and new challenges of modern era.

Why people choose us?

With quality care, comfort, security, kindness, love and empathy as provided by their family, the baseline being rehabilitation.

The mission of reaching out to the victims of mental health issues, addiction and the lamenting families.

Highly expert professionals so that the residents could experience the delightful stay.

CIIMHANS, since its commencement of journey through, had a mission re-inforced.

Available Facilities

  • Expertise & professional care by highly qualified staff.
  • Psychiatric and social rehabilitation.
  • Psychological and Behavioural management.