Psychiatric Social Work Department

Psychiatric Social work seeks to enhance the social functioning of individuals, singly and in groups, by activities focused upon their social relationships which constitute the interaction between man and his environment.

The major focus is on reducing problems in human relationships and on enriching living through improved human interaction.

Psychiatric social work has been described as “a new emphasis rather than a new function” representing in its origin a focusing of various influences which had brought about, on a part of social work, more attention to the mental or psychological factors in social maladjustment and on the part of psychiatry, increasing attention to the social needs of the patient.

Functions of a Psychiatric social worker

  • Psychosocial assessment : Assessing strength and resilience of the patient, family, and social support systems to help the individual function within the Family and community.
  • Family education and crisis intervention : educating the family on the physical and psychosocial needs of its members and ways they can access internal and external resources, as well as mediating familial conflicts.
  • Therapy for individuals, couples and families : for situations in which patients suffer from poor mental health states (e.g. depression, anxiety), and coping and adjustment difficulties. (e.g. Substance abuse, loss of hearing, caring for family members suffering from Psychosis or grief and bereavement issues).
  • Risk assessment : Assessing risk of self-harm (e.g. suicide) and to others (e.g. family violence, elder abuse, child abuse).
  • Care Coordination & Discharge Planning : Ensure efficient unit operation by working professionally together with Psychiatric, medical, nursing and other allied health staff, patients and their families to produce high quality work and to develop, implement the post discharge care plan.
  • Information & Referral Services : Linking patients and caregivers to community resources and healthcare system.

Available Facilities

  • Expertise & professional care by highly qualified staff.
  • Psychiatric and social rehabilitation.
  • Psychological and Behavioural management.