Services Offered

Services Benefits/Objectives
Psychiatrist Evaluation and drug therapy Chemical Balancing
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Life Skills and Help in improving problem solving approach, memory, intelligence, concentration, reasoning /logic, knowledge
Bio Feedback For de-addiction and lifeskills
rtms To reduce depressive and obsessive thoughts
AA ( Alcoholic Anonymous) For de-addiction
12 steps program most effective recovery program adopted worldwide for addiction problem. De addiction
1:1 counseling,Group counseling Individual and group development and behaviour modification
Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP) &TA Psychology Behaviour modification
Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psycho Therapy For alleviating emotional turmoil and maladaptive behaviours
Psycho-Therapy: Group, Family Family reintegration of the patient.
Client cantered psychotherapy : Client sharing problem & find solution with the help of counsellor Dealing with unresolved emotional issues and behavior dimensions
Physiotherapy Addressing Neuromusculoskeletal issues
Occupational Therapy: To enhance physical & cognitive ability Rehabilitation
Vocational Training: Train them to earn bread & butter & support self & family Rehabilitation, Skills and Value
Social Skills : Social functioning, acquisition of communication, problem solving, thought challenging skills, improvement in quality of life Behavior modification
Horticulture: Gardening, watering plants, growing vegetables Refreshment
Music & Dance: Include prayers, listening & dance – help them to relax Relaxation
Art & Craft: free hand drawing, painting, sketches Hobbies development
Phycho Drama therapy: Overcoming of stage fear, improvement of expression
Painting & hobby work shop Hobby pastime activities
Financial Training: Money management
Computer Training: Will enhance computer skills
Education: help in continuing the studies who have left due to any reasons by available means
Dietician Balanced diet prescription
Meditation & Hypnosis Dealing with emotional issues
Learning to relax Behaviour modification
Outing – picnic, restaurant & cinemas Refreshment
Yoga & Power yoga Tranquilising
Gym Healthy mind and body
Indoor Games – table tennis, chess, carom board, cards, skipping etc. Outdoor Games – badminton, football, cricket, basketball, volley ball, throw ball etc. Sports activity, Physical fitness & team building.
Ayurveda Massage centre Rejuvenation and toning of muscles and nerves
Library& reading room Communication skills development
Mini home theatre Refreshment
After discharge care program Relapse prevention