Feeling very proud of you sir keep the good work on.

Dr. Harsh Mamidwar

Very impressive setup.

Well staffed, neat, clean and livable place.

Keep up the good services & work.


God bless you.

Dr. Daini

Very beautiful & best mental hospital.Good m/m good environment.

Dr A.K. Verma

We both had wonderful experience as watching patients interacting with each other staff was very good one of the best indoor setups of India.

Dr. Suraj Pandit
Dr. Swapnil Agarwal

It was very motivational talk, very much useful for the students.

Dr. Pramod Krishna B

Dear Sir,

Its very appreciating & honourable step to run a rehabilitation & De-addiction centre to serve the mankind. Its very immense honour to visit your CIIMHANS & getting know the difficult ways to sense the mentally challenged ones also for special mention staff here is very nice & humble they look after patients personally overall very-very nice experience.

Dr. Anurag Khapri,
PDMMC College, Amravati

Respected Dr R.L. Gupta & Dr Pramod,

I am ………………. With the CIIMHANS work and facilities available in the hospital campus. The efforts made towards the care of the …………………….

Patient is commendable. I wish all the best to achieve great heights in all works of life.

Dr. R.S. Naik

With small words Here I am starting of my line of my vision- Keep doing great with in mental health. Amazing place, total 18 acre area this place suitable me to do in this field. God bless you

Your truly

Dr Narkesh,
Prof. Deptt. Physiotherapy Punjabi University, Patiyala

Myself & the whole team law intens of law college, University visited the institute the approach taken by Dr Pramod Gupta for this particular region is unconditionally benefited.

The line of approach taken up have will defiantly feed up the work of District level services authority Durg. With best wishes

Digvijay Singh,
Civil Judge/ Secretary DLSA, Durg

Wonderful facility. What Dr Gupta has done single handily is a work of a generation this is in time sense service to the field of mental health. Bravo

Keep it up

All the best

Dr Malik Merchant,
Medical Director - Prince Ali Khan Hospital, Mumbai

WHO defines health in wellbeing of physical & mental status. Mental illness is neglected by society for so many years specially in rural area, nobody is aware of mental health. CIIMHANS has done pioneer job in providing mental health of Chhattisgarh. This service provided by Dr. Pramod is ever not available to people of urban India. People in this area are so lucky to have such institute here.

I think there is great potential for medical tourism in the mental health from states around Chhattisgarh.

I think such basic need is fulfilled by CIIMHANS & such more institutes are needed. CIIMHANS will be guiding institute for other mental health institutes. All the best for CIIMHANS team.

Dr. Nilesh Kulkarni

We are vary happy to see CIIMHANS creation & we are very proud of creator who started job from zero. Really proud to you pramod. You are magnet for all who came across you, all get connected & get impressed by your great work. You every word is influential & encourage all. We, our kids are very much impressed to see your creation, your working style, healthy atmosphere, lovely place, pleasant surrounding. Day will come you will get Padmavibhushan award or you will come with flying colors.

All the best.

Dr. Anjali Kulkarni

Dear Dr. Pramod Gupta has done a great & nobe work in field of Psychiatry. He has made sure to touch in every prospects & psychology with hard work & perseveration in psychiatry, I can see this hospital & Research Institute to be the pioneer in India & World.

I wish him best of wishes for the future.

Dr. Prashant Chaudhari

Out of the world of Psychiatry less to be a Hospital more to be a life management centre Ideal for life one of its own kind.

Dr. Saroj Patil

One of the most inspiring positive & every/ any/ place of health care delivered I have visited in India. Proud of the great work Dr. Pramod/ CIIMHANS team is doing keep up this great work. Best wishes

Dr Mahesh Joshi & Dr Varsha Joshi

Visited the whole place like an amazing adventures place ? Never imaged that Psychiatric setup & indoor facilitation could be so genius enormous & patient friendly indeed it’s a one of its kind in Central India.

Dr Ajay Goverdhan (Executive Member of IMA)

Dr Pramod is an amazing personality calm, cool, polite & modest & have kept the whole staff like a family member a stalwart guardian in the firm of his father Dr. R.L. Gupta.

Dr Rakesh Choubey

Excellent, fabulous, marvelous, tremendously superb place to feel, realize & to be sensitive to the psychiatric patient.

Dr Archana Chauhan (President- IMA durg) & Dr Sharad Patankar

Words are too superfluous to describe the professional competence devotion & skill & magnanimous service of Dr Pramod & his team to the society.

Best wishes congrats God bless.

Dr Prabhat Pandey (Physician- CCM Hospital)

Congratulation on creating an excellent infrastructure.The unit has great potential. I hope to see it become the future pioneer in mental health in India. With team work anyting is possible. Look after your self and your patients Keep it up. Best Wishes.

Dr. Adhiraj Joglekar,

Pleased to visit Central India Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences today the facilities available are amazing and as per with any institution in the country surprised that such mission is organize In a great professional way. I wish more and more success so that they can serve the community in a longer way.

Dr. N.N. Raju,
Gen. Secretary, Indian Psychiatric Society

My visit to CIIMHANS has been very fulfilling and I am amazed that Dr. Pramod Gupta and team is truly making a difference to community by providing a wonderfull service to all its service users and cares. I wish Dr. Gupta and CIIMHANS all the very best for all future initiative. Best Wishes.

Dr. Rakesh Verma,
Narayana Hrudayalaya

A really marvelous experience of visiting CIIMHANS seeing the activity programmes & dedication of the staff as a testimony to the effort put by Dr. Pramod & his team. The expert of public awareness programme done in village is an eye opener this institute be in Chattissgarh is destined to grow in to center of excellence in mental health care. I wish all success for Dr. Pramod & Dr. Praful Gupta to carry this effort forward.

Dr. Murli Thyloth,
Prof. of Psychiatry, Sri Siddhanath
Medical College, Tumkur & Vice-President World Association for Psychological Rehabilitation,
President WARP (Indian Chapter)

CIIMHANS is a pioneer in advanced mental health care, and my visit has made me proud to be a part of this esteemed institutes

Dr. Prasanna Tendolkar,

Fantastic job of taking mental health ahead. My best wishes for such an amazing work

Dr. Vishal A. Sawant,

Excellent work, Excellent motivational team, Excellent love for patient wise all of you and the institute a bright future.

Dr. Charles Pinto,
IACMN President

Excellent Setup good work keep it up !!!

Dr. Malay Dave (Psychiatrist),

It grows with hard work.
Keep it up

Dr. P.C. Shastri,

So sothing Peace and nice environment I will love to visit again & again. May god bless you for the noble cause.
Best wishes and regards

Nirmal Kothari,

This is really a very good institute. I don’t have words to express my feelings.

Dr. Rajesh V Dande,
Associate Prof. & Head of Govt. Medical College Latur, Maharashtra Vice President CPS Mumbai

Excellent institute unbelievable infrastructure and good move to help mentally ill and addicted patients.

Dr. V.P. Giri,
Navi Mumbai Consultant Pediatrician Member CPS

Dear Dr. Gupta Thankyou for your kind invitation It has been such a pleasure to visit your vibrant institutions. You have a great team and I hope your institute will soon have a national & international visibilities.
Best wishes

Sachin Jain,

Dear Pramod I am delighted to see your work & I wish you all the best wishes in the world for you & your team. God be always with you.

Dr. Abhijeet S. Patil,

Wonderful committed and performance, Wish you all the best.

Dr. Sandhya Gupta,
AIIMS New Delhi

Is an excellent institution will do well in future.
Just keep it up

Dr. K Chandrakar ,

Very much delighted to visit such a systematically planned institute. Very happy for your progress Pramod. Really your hand work & vision made it possible.
Keep it up God bless

Dr. Deepak Verma (BDS) ,
Amravati MOS

Well planned, one of the good hospital in India.
Wish you best luck

Dr. Vikas Bhute,
Psychiatrist, Nagpur

CIIMHANS is supposed to be the best psychiatric institute in Central India.
Wishing all the best.

Dr. Prasad Zode,
Pediatric, Nagpur

I and Dr. Pramod Gupta have been batch mates and close friends since our MBBS days. Pramod is there days also had big dream and he has proved that big dream can he fulfilled by handwork, dedication and good communication skills.
Wonderful work Pramod great work done.
CIIMHANS is one of the best institute not only in Central India but in whole Indian.
Keep growing Best Wishes

Dr. Rajesh Atal (MD Medicine- Intensivist),
Orange City Hospital, Nagpur

Very Excellent work done for everyone.

Dr. Satish Poshattiwar ,
MD Medicine, Nagpur

Saw the whole Centre amazing de-addiction facilities very helping & caring staff. Psychiatry ward is well organizated and security is good.
Wish Dr. Praful Gupta all the very best for the future ventures.

Dr. Harinder Singh (BDS) Mumbai,
Dr. BOB Production, Mumbai

I am very much impressed with the well organized set by It shows Meticulous Planning and hard work.
My best wishes are with them. I am confident this will became one of the best institute in time to came.

Dr. Neeraj Chauhan (BDS),

Dear Pramod, Very impressed with your setup. You have impressive therapeutic facilities. My best wishes to you and your entire team. I am sure you will expand it all aspects Here.

Dr. Yusuf Machiswalla,
MD Psychiatry
Masina hospital mumbai

Visited CIIMHANS today. Very good work and care for the patient of mental illness. Good multid8s80o8nary approach and team work. All the best for good work for pt. care

Dr. Nishikaht Thorat,
MD Asst. Prof. JJH Mumbai

Very impressive set up well staffed neat clean and livable place keep up the god services and more. With best wishes

Dr. Santosh K. Chaturvedi,
MD Psychiatry